About Us

I started as a solo operation but now we are a mom + daughter team who love candles and LOVE making candles together. In 2020 I started to research and learn candle making in our kitchen during covid. Soon enough my daughters jumped on board and we loved it so much that a year later we expanded to a barn on our property. 

We are inspired by family and home.

We believe that candles help a house feel like a home and love how scents have such a huge impact on your environment.

So...here's to everyone having a home full of love, laughter and yummy smelling candles!

All of our candles are handcrafted from all-natural coconut wax with the highest quality non-toxic ingredients and lots of love. We ensure all of our products are vegan / free from all animal cruelty.  

We wouldn't be able to do this without YOU loving on our company. Supporting our small business goes so much farther than a candle and makes a difference in the lives of all of us